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jack Harley

10/26/1962 - 01/19/2018


Jack’s body building career began in 1987 when he decided to compete in the Mr. Tallahassee Competition and won 1st place in Class I. His love of the sport made him want to continue competing. He won and placed in the following competitions:

  • 1987 Mr. Tallahassee 1st Place Class I

  • 1987 NPC Men’s Jr Florida Bodybuilding Championships Middle Weight 2nd Place

  • 1987 Mr. Tallahassee Overall Championship

  • 1988 Mr. Southern USA 2nd Place Class II

  • 1988 Mr. Jr. Florida Middle Weight 2nd Place

  • 1988 NPC Florida Bodybuilding Championship Men’s Middleweight 3rd Place

  • 1989 NPC Florida Cup Florida State Championship Men’s Middleweight 2nd Place

  • 1989 NPC JR National’s Men Middleweight Div. 3rd Place

  • 1989 Southern USA Middleweight 2nd Place

  • 1990 NPC Florida Cup Florida State Championships Men’s Light & Heavyweight 1st Place

  • 1990 NPC Florida Men’s Overall Champion– He was the first competitor ever to earn 1st place overall across the board.

  • 1992 Jr. Nationals Light Heavyweight 2nd Place

  • 1992 Nationals Light Heavyweight 10th Place (Best in the World)

  • 1996 Southern USA Light Heavyweight 5th Place

  • 1998 NPC Southern USA Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships Men’s Open Overall Winner Health World Gym – Panama City, FL

  • 2003 Overall 40 Southern 20th Annual NPC Southern USA Bodybuilding & Fitness Championship Men’s Open Light & Heavyweight 2nd Place

  • Late 90s and Early 2000s Certified NPC Judge

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