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Take Control of Your Workout

Updated: Mar 1, 2020


There is a reason to everything. Many members of Nutritional or Fitness programs are going with the flow cluelessly. They are following their instructor without testing their credibility. However, if your Nutritionist or Personal trainer cannot give the why. Then you should go to someone who has the answers to your questions. The more knowledgeable your Nutritionist or Personal Trainer is. The more you can understand how to become a healthier you.

Ask your Nutritionist: What foods are great for breakfast, lunch or dinner? Are there healthy enjoyable snacks, natural pre workout or post workout foods? When is it a great time to have a cheat meal?

The foods you are eating needs to compliment your exercise regimen: weight gain, weight loss, strength training, cardio training, toning or bulking.

Ask your Personal Trainer: What does the exercises of the day have to do with me reaching my goals?

You never want to do exercises that are not leading you to the results you are seeking. Each workout needs to have structure. Therefore, you are learning the purpose of the workout session and you can channel your energy to the specific muscle group your Personal Trainer has you doing.


The gym can be intimidating if you are worrying about other people’s comments. You did not come to the gym to impress people or focus on what they are doing. Okay, what if people may take a peak, look or stare at you while you are in the facility. That proves they are not in tuned with themselves and do not have goals set. Remember, your goals are more important than some else’s opinion. Always keep your eyes on the prize – meaning on you.


While you are preparing for your workout ask yourself this, “How bad do I really want a healthier lifestyle or I am here to follow the trend of taking gym selfies?” The typical Personal Trainers are hired to guide you and keep you motivated. The great Personal Trainers are there for you but are asking “are you here for yourself.” Hiring a Personal Trainer and routinely showing up, proves that you have what it takes inside of you; wanting a healthier lifestyle displays you are committed to conquering the workout session.


Going to the gym alone will keep you focused and create an escape mechanism from the daily stress life or work can bring. Working out by yourself helps you become more in tuned with who you are because you know the goals you want and you will not cheat yourself from getting them. Now, it is nothing wrong with having a workout partner(s). The key to working out with others is not turning the session in to a social hour. Many people come to the gym to talk, instead of grinding. The problem with that is you begin to lose sight of the goals that have been set. Now, you are getting discouraged because you are not seeing results after going to the gym consistently. Finally, you are holding up the equipment for those who came to the gym to work towards their goals.

When working out with a partner(s), make sure you all are on the same level as in gym experience and fitness goals. The worst thing you can do is slow down for someone to catch up. The best thing you can do for them is workout before you all meet up or after. Therefore, no one is feeling a burden and the experienced partner does not have to slow down.

Enhancing Lives!

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