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Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Transforming a human body without any supplements, surgeries, suctions or injections takes patience and knowledge. It is not something you wake up and it appears. There is a thing called hard work from the member(s) of your program and from the coach. We are living in an era of the microwave: wanting everything instant, rather than allowing anything to develop.


Eating is key to a great transformation. It is a must that you do not replace foods with a shake or supplements. By taking a shake over whole foods will have you urinating all the nutrients the body needs. How can the body survive, when it has nothing solid to feed off of. However, it is okay to eat a meal with a shake or supplements. The body needs its proper amount of protein and carbs. Yes, you need carbs to transform the body you desire. Too less or too much of anything will do harm. This is why all of our members have a balanced nutrition plan that is based off their height, weight and goals. As you are transforming; it is a must to know when it is time to shift the meal plan around so the body will respond with results accordingly.


To shape up, you must have a plan such as targeting specific muscle groups when working out, knowing when to go full throttle in fifth gear and how to prevent mental and physical burn outs, by going full throttle in first gear. There are many exercises that are popular because it looks fun. We consider those exercises busy work: work that gets you sweaty and tired but does not produce results. The wheel was only invented once. Therefore, stick will the basics, be efficient and watch the wonders come alive.

Member(s) and Coach Relationship

As a Nutritionist or Trainer, your priority is the member(s) of your program. The members get the glory because without their trust, there is no you. We encourage you to put yourself in each member(s) shoes as you are doing your daily routine with them. Transfer your energy to connect with theirs. This will bring the best out of them due to you caring. No matter if our member is using the Online Fitness Program, Customized Home Workout Packet, Personal Training Sessions or Nutrition Plan. We unify our hearts with theirs.

The journey of a transformation is not only a physical change but an unification of the body, mind and spirit. Members of our program become the person they always wanted to be. We challenge each person to bring their inner greatness out through personal motivation. Here at Make Adjustments Delete Excuses Incorporated (M.A.D.E.), there are no clients of because we do not see walking dollars; we see family members once they have joined us.

Enhancing Lives!

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