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Nothing goes as planned. But so what? What are you going to do about it? I know every knock down I get, I use it as a stepping stone rather than a pity party. You must keep an optimistic attitude by finding and protecting the positive in negative situations. Protecting your energy is important because 49% of the people do not care about your problems, 49% are happy you are having problems and 2% truly want to help.

After being crapped on by family, friends and associates, I thought with all the manure on my name, I had become unrecognizable. Little did I know, these obstacles only empowered me to inspire others to keep their eyes on the vision they are blessed to see. Many see my story as a big deal now. I see myself as a man who truly walks by faith and not by sight — staying true to the course. As I flashback to my collegiate days, a teammate of mine compared me to a character named “Eli,” from the movie, The Book of Eli, starring Denzel Washington. Well, when I think about this comparison now, I am focused on the mission.

This confidence did not happen overnight. I once was unknown, popular, praised, loved, hated, unloved, in the shadows. NOW-I-AM-HERE walking to the beat of my own drum. Throughout this journey, I found myself: no one can beat Jajuan Michael Harley but Jajuan Michael Harley. Although I have failed myself many times, I have endured and will not allow myself to quit. I remind myself to find a way. When there seems to be no way, you have to be willing to create your own path: get a machete, cut out anything and anyone who tries to prevent you from reaching your destiny.

Each day, I give it my all, knowing I have emptied the tank for my vision. We work too hard to give a hoot about what a negative person has to say. The vision was not given to them; it was given to us dreamers.

My daily goal is to protect myself from negative energy so I can give off positive energy. What are you doing to keep your eyes clear for your vision?

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